Kaad-logoCatholic Academic International Service (Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer-Dienst KAAD)

The scholarship service of the catholic church for international students This service is responsible for scholarships in Germany for talented students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Eastern Europe. It provides a space for meeting and dialog and supports international students by developing their skills in their discipline and prepares them for a responsible exercise of profession in their own country. Its scholarship program 2 allows applications for students in Germany through catholic university and catholic student communities (KHG/KSG)   The KAAD scholarship holders take on responsibilities in the KHG Hannover. They meet on a local level at different occassions, amongst others at Café International. Furthermore they are invited once a year by the lecturer Prof. Ganser for a meeting at his home, as well as the auxiliar bishop Dr. Schwerdtfeger for a meeting at the KHG of the diocese Hildesheim. In addition, KAAD scholarship holders participate at nationwide trainings and academie.   Accompaniment and questions concerning the scholarships: Stephan Ohlendorf,  head of the KHG Hannover Telefon: 0511-1317879, Mail:  mail(at)khg-hannover.de   Confidential person: Prof. Dr. Ganser, MHH   öku_liWho can apply for a scholarship? You can apply for a scholarship if you are a talented young researcher from a developing country or a newly industrialized country in Africa, Asia, Middle East or Latin America.Furthermore, you have to comply with the following requirements: • Studies at a German university or college • Studies that lead to one of the following degrees: Master- application possible during last semesters of Bachelor Diplom- application after ”Vordiplom“ Magister- application after “Zwischenprüfung” Doctoral studies (Promotion) • Catholic confession (for nationals from specific places, in particular from the Middle East, we also accept Christian confession in general) • Applicants of other religions may be supported if they have promoted and promote inter-religious dialog and can prove this on the basis of documents   What does KAAD expect from you? • An outstanding achievement potential for your studies, • The orientation of your studies towards a reintegration in your home society, • Active involvement in social matters and church life or promotion of inter-religious dialog, • Adequate competence in German (at least being able to communicate in German).   What does KAAD offer? •  A monthly scholarship and aids in order to cover your financial needs during your studies. If you have enough income, we offer you the participation at our educational programs. •  Personal and pastoral accompaniment, especially through attractive seminars and events about current issues as well as German and European history and mentality. •  We have built up a network cooperating with higher education institutions, KHG/KSG and some lecturers, who will be your mentors, in order to help you integrate in Germany and establish contacts. •  After you have finished your studies, we offer to help you reintegrate and use your skills in your home country. Furthermore we help you establish and maintain connections with other and former scholarship holders in your country and all over the world.   Where can you apply? Unfortunately you cannot directly apply for a scholarship. Our partner at your university is the catholic university community (Katholische Hochschulgemeinde, KHG) or the catholic student community (Katholische Studierendengemeinde, KSG). They offer you advice, accompaniment and an attractive semester program in a friendly international atmosphere. Your KHG/KSG can recommend you to the KAAD. With your application your KHG/KSG writes a reference about your involvement in social matters and church life. If you are mainly active at other communities, their references can also support your application.   Do you have any questions? Visit our homepage www.kaad.de or directly contact Stephan Ohlendorf.